Callum Wiffen

  • Recruitment Consultant
  • Sydney

Callum is currently operating as a Recruitment Consultant, specialising in Public Practice Accounting in our Sydney office. With a unique professional journey, Callum brings a wealth of experience and a distinct perspective to the world of recruitment. Prior to joining TAP, Callum spent five years working as a Service Team Manager at Mercedes Benz in the UK, showcasing his leadership and customer service skills. He then made the move to Sydney where he spent fourteen months in construction recruitment, adding a layer of adaptability and industry diversity to his expertise. He now specialises in Public Practice Accounting and has seen great success in that division. Callum has a multifaceted background in recruitment which ensures he offers the best possible service. 

In his spare time, Callum is a passionate football enthusiast. Not only is he the captain of Randwick City FC, but he also carries a deep affinity for Arsenal. His commitment to the sport reflects not only a team-oriented mindset but also a dedication to discipline and strategy, qualities that likely contribute to his success in recruitment.

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