Chloe Crewdson

  • Senior Recruitment Consultant
  • Sydney

Chloe is a Senior Recruitment Consultant for the Sydney Transactional Finance team at TAP. Chloe is equipped with a vast academic background which enriches her professional profile. She holds an Events Management degree which has helped her bring a well-rounded understanding of business and events to her role. With a background in sales at the Brisbane Racing Club, Chloe honed her ability to build and maintain client relationships, ensuring repeat business and managing contracts. Her experience in sales has equipped her with valuable skills in client engagement and contract negotiation—skills that seamlessly translate into her role in recruitment. 

Outside the professional realm, Chloe is a dedicated runner, showcasing discipline and determination in pursuing personal fitness goals. She is also a self-proclaimed food enthusiast frequently enjoying exploring new restaurants. Chloe's multifaceted background positions her as a dynamic and well-equipped Senior Recruitment Consultant in the Sydney office. Her commitment to personal and professional development, coupled with her diverse skill set, makes her a valuable asset in the competitive world of recruitment.

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