Colleen Cassidy

  • Senior Recruitment Consultant
  • Melbourne

Colleen is a dedicated Senior Recruitment Consultant specialising in Audit, Insolvency, and Corporate Finance across Melbourne. With an Honours Degree in Photography & Fine Art and eight years of experience under her belt, Colleen has a broad set of skills that she brings to her work. Before joining TAP, Colleen worked in Sales & Brand Activation, working with prominent companies such as LG, Nikon, Google, and Coca-Cola. Her sales background equips her with valuable client engagement skills, contributing to her success in the dynamic field of recruitment.

Outside of work, Colleen finds balance in her passion for Pilates, reflecting a commitment to holistic well-being. Her love for travel is evident in her impressive journey to 28 countries, and she's currently channelling her determination into training for the Melbourne marathon, showcasing her dedication to personal challenges.

Colleen seamlessly blends industry expertise, creative thinking, and a zest for personal challenges to successfully navigate the Professional Services landscape.

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