Harry Fickling

  • Recruitment Consultant
  • Sydney

Harry is an integral part of the Transactional Finance Team at TAP in Sydney. With a dynamic background that spans recruitment, customer service and business development, Harry is a seasoned professional with a unique skill set and a passion for connecting top talent in the financial sector. His previous experience has helped to shape his ability to understand and cater to client needs effectively. His academic background is equally impressive, holding a BSc (Hons) in Sports & Exercise Therapy, which adds a distinctive perspective to his professional approach.

Outside of the office, Harry is a true sports enthusiast, always finding time to find fulfilment through physical activity. Whether it's football, golf, tennis, running, swimming, cycling, or squash, he finds joy in the adrenaline of sporting endeavours. 

Additionally, Harry thrives on connecting with others through exploring new places, travelling, or simply spending quality time with friends. He values the richness that relationships and shared experiences bring to life.

Harry’s unique background and interest in optimising well-being equips him with a diverse skill set he uses to navigate the intricacies of Transactional Finance recruitment. 

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