Megan Taylor

  • Business Manager
  • Melbourne

Megan is a Business Manager in the Legal division of the Melbourne TAP office. While Megan's journey into recruitment is a recent one, her robust experience in sales has proven to be a valuable asset. With a keen understanding of client engagement and relationship-building cultivated in the sales domain, Megan is well-equipped for success in her role as a Senior Recruitment Consultant.

Outside of work, Megan loves to partake in yoga and pilates which demonstrates her dedication to holistic wellbeing. She also loves creating connections with people through cooking. This interest, rooted in building positive experiences, complements the relational aspects of recruitment, showcasing Megan's potential to foster strong professional connections.

Megan brings a unique blend of sales expertise and a commitment to holistic well-being. Her transferable skills and personal interests converge to position her as a dynamic and adaptable professional in the competitive world of recruitment.

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