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6 Tips for Accountants to prepare for an interview


For most candidates, the interview process can be a very daunting experience, however, with the right preparation tactics, you can equip yourself with the skills to dazzle the interviewer. So, here are some tips to help accountants prepare for a successful Interview.


#1 Research the Company

As with any profession, before going for an interview, it will always be beneficial to look at the company’s philosophy, values, and background to demonstrate that you are passionate about the company. Understanding the company and its standing in the industry will help you tailor your responses to align with the company’s needs and values.


#2 Refresh Your Knowledge

The accounting industry is ever-changing with regulations and standards constantly evolving. Ensure you refresh your knowledge of the latest accounting standards and tax regulations. Not only will this demonstrate the breadth of your knowledge of the field, but it will also demonstrate your adaptiveness which is a largely sought-after skill in the industry.


#3 Come Equipped with Stories

9 out of 10 interviewers will ask you to explain a difficult situation you have encountered and how you managed to resolve the problem. Familiarise yourself with common behavioural interview questions and industry-specific questions and practice answering them in a way that showcases your problem-solving skills. A key formula for answering these questions is by using the STAR method, this means you explain the Situation, Task, Action, and Result. This formula will allow you to answer in a succinct manner that swiftly explains the way you handled the situation.


#4 Emphasise Technology Literacy

Technology literacy is becoming increasingly sought after in the accounting industry as technology becomes more integral. Demonstrating your ability to navigate accounting software and spreadsheet applications will improve your employability. Explain situations where you have successfully harnessed and implemented technology to improve efficiency.


#5 Understand Industry-specific Challenges

Demonstrate your knowledge of the industry by understanding the unique challenges and trends within the field. Explain the specific challenges you have faced within the industry and how you combat them. This will demonstrate your experience and exemplify the value you can add to the organisation.


#6 Demonstrate Team Collaboration

While accountants are primarily independent workers, the ability to collaborate with a range of teams is always a sought-after skill. Share examples of times when you collaborated with different departments to achieve a common financial goal. Exemplifying your ability to work with a range of people will increase your employability as it demonstrates your adaptability and teamwork skills.


Ultimately, tailoring your responses to industry and company-relevant challenges will demonstrate your interest in the field and your trove of knowledge. Providing examples of past situations will demonstrate your experience and improve your credibility to make you an ideal candidate for the position. Use these key tips to prepare for your interview and you will be able to create a lasting impression on the interviewer. Good Luck!


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